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The Health Science Instructional Supplements  were developed by the National Consortium for Health Science Education (NCHSE) to help health science teachers align classroom instruction to the National Healthcare Foundation Standards.

Based on the National Healthcare Skill Standards, accountability criteria have been established for each foundation standard to better define the expectations for meeting the standard and to provide content for curriculum design and measurement and certification of achievement.  A national assessment of the Healthcare Foundation Standards is offered by the NCHSE. 

Using the Supplements

These health science instructional materials were designed as a resource supplement, to be used in conjunction with state curriculum resources, plans, and outlines; as well as textbooks and the resources that accompany those textbooks.  The supplements are not designed to "stand alone" but rather to provide resources that complement the instructional tools that teachers are already using.

The actual content (information) that describes and explains essential facts and explanations can be found in textbooks.  This supplement is designed to focus more on:


  • Available in print copy or Flash Drive
  • Each supplement includes multiple choice test items aligned to the accountability standards and similar to the items in the accountability assessment
  • Special pricing for consortium member states and school systems
  • Payment options: Online, Check, or school purchase order
  • To order with a check, please send to:
    CreativEd Services
    14326 Mandolin Drive
    Orlando, FL 32837
    (919) 244-5097
  • To order with a purchase order, fax to (407) 271-4272 or send as an email attachment to kim@creativedservices.com.
  • To purchase online, use the following instructions:
    • Flash Drive and Print Materials - Select Material and Select Add to Cart - Repeat for Multiple Items
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Full Standards Package:
Standards 1-11





Flash Drive and Print Version - $40 Shipping
Flash Drive Only - Shipped Free!

Site License Information - *Requires registration and Flash Drive purchase for every HSE teacher at the site.

* Plus sales tax (Florida) and shipping (print copies).

* Shipping costs are UPS Ground in the continental United States.  Call (919) 244-5097 for information on expedited shipping or costs for shipping outside the United States. Please allow two weeks for delivery.

Print Copy and Flash Drive Includes:

  • Print copy in 3-ring binder
  • Color pages and cover
  • Printed supplement pages and assessment answer key
  • Flash Drive with:
    • Supplement in PDF
    • Assessment Key in PDF
    • Student worksheets in Word
    • Student assessments in Word
    • PowerPoints in PowerPoint format

Flash Drive includes:

  • Supplement in PDF
    • Assessment Key in PDF
    • Student worksheets in Word
    • Student assessments in Word
    • PowerPoints in PowerPoint format